Photography came into my life at an early age in the personage of a Kodak Brownie camera, which accompanied me everywhere, followed by several folding cameras, a Polaroid, and a Twin Lens Reflex. I pursued this attraction to photography throughout my school years. While in Brooklyn College , majoring in both elementary education and the traditional arts, I took a course in photography and darkroom printing. I was fascinated with the darkroom process and became obsessed with making prints. Even at this stage, I was not satisfied with a straight photograph. I was always double-exposing, solarizing, posterizing, creating derivations; anything to create a more interesting and memorable image. The only way to maintain my passion with alternate forms of photography was with a commitment to personal artistic evaluation and to always search for a new breakthrough in my work.  
As part of my artistic growth I turned to using the computer as a creative tool. I am very excited about digital illustration. I find it creatively and technically challenging. The use of the computer opened up new world for me.
The photographic work that I had done in my darkroom using traditional materials and the work that I am doing now using the computer as my compositing and printing tool are virtually indistinguishable stylistically from one another. The digitally manipulated work is more polished but the imagery and subjects are consistent with that created before. I consider an artist to be an artist and an creator regardless of the tools that are used. I concentrate on taking excellent photographs and then using the computer to achieve the intended illusion.  
The work I am involved with today I term Digital Derivations – the technique of manipulating multiple photographic images using a computer to create a finished work of art.  
The original photograph is either taken with a traditional camera and 35mm film, or with a digital camera and media. It is then scanned or transferred into the computer. Following this, the process of manipulation begins. With the use of filters and electronic paintbrushes, I work to enhance the picture. In some cases I take apart the original photograph and insert parts of other photographs to produce the final image.

Fire Island Lighthouse
Fire Island Lighthouse, NY